Louis Maddox

👋 Welcome! My name is Louis Maddox, and I am currently a data scientist at Beatchain. I hold an undergrad degree in Biochemistry and a postgrad in Computational and Systems Biology, both from the University of Manchester.

I use Python daily, emphasising robust type-validated data models for program robustness, and have been expanding my toolkit with Rust since early 2024, integrating it in Python extensions via PyO3. I have followed machine learning/AI closely since the advent of the deep learning boom almost a decade ago, and increasingly am taking an interest in developments in audio and speech processing models.

Through this blog, I aim to provide a mix of practical tutorials, experiments, and reflections on software development (cog), notes on research in machine learning and computer vision (ocu), a showcase of my open source projects (doc), and accounts of conferences and meetups I've attended (conf).

As a palate cleanser from the technicals elsewhere, I also keep a collection of readings that spark joy, from literary excerpts to seminar transcripts (reed).